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Elija su programa de precios

  • Fitness Class Pass

    Cada mes
    Access to all virtual fitness classes
    Válido por 2 meses
    • Initial fitness consultation
    • Unlimited access to virtual fitness classes
    • General evidence-based nutrition advice
    • Monthly Progress Check
  • Individual Nutrition

    Cada mes
    Válido por 3 meses
    • **Ask about Group Pricing**
    • Body composition analysis
    • BiWeekly progress check
    • 3 Customized 7-Day Meal Plans/month
    • 1 Accompanied grocery shopping trip (every 3 months)
    • Meal prep demonstration (scheduled appointment).
    • General exercise suggestions.
    • Initial nutrition consultation and assessment
  • Individual Training

    Cada mes
    1-on-1 Training
    Válido por 3 meses
    • ***Ask about Group Pricing***
    • 2 Live 45 min exercise sessions/week (Virtual or In-Person)
    • 2 Prescribed 30 min exercise routines/week (via mobile app)
    • Bi-Weekly Progress Check
    • General evidence-based nutrition suggestions
  • Summer Well-Being

    Discounted/free small group training for dedicated summer students
    Válido por un mes
    • Initial Consultation
    • 3 Training sessions/week (up to 45 minutes)
    • Unlimited access to virtual fitness classes

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